Loft conversions Bristol

We will provide you with a loft conversion which is unique to your property. We specialise in all types of conversion including:


There are two different tried and tested conversions available for this type of property depending on budget and space required.

The more affordable option would be a velux conversion also known as an up and over, this type of conversion does not alter the existing line of the roof. Therefore, in most instances this does not require planning permission. Many of our customers have opted for this type of conversion where the objective is to simply create an extra bedroom rather than a master room. This is the fastest type of conversion and can often be completed in as little as 5 weeks.

If you’re looking to maximise the space available and create a master bedroom, the better option for you would be a rear dormer conversion. This is often in the form of a box dormer with a flat roof, which will increase the overall head height, allowing for more usable space. Often this type of conversion can also accommodate an en-suite. In most areas this is allowed through permitted development and planning permission is not required. This type of conversion will take, on average, 8 weeks.

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Semi detached / end of terrace

Most properties of this type are built with a hipped roof. This means the roof pitches on 3 sides, which may seem unsuitable for a loft conversion. In fact, once converted, this type can often be the largest. This is done through a process of turning the hipped end (side) into a gable end, which means constructing a triangle shaped wall on the side elevation. Often this can also feature a rear box dormer. Most 1930’s semi detached properties can accommodate 2 bedrooms and a shower room with this type of conversion. Again, this type of conversion often falls under permitted development and may not require planning permission. This type of conversion will take on average, 9 weeks.

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Given the individual nature of a detached property, each style of conversion is considered under its own merit.

Our director Nic will be able to advise the design and style of conversion to best suit the space.

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A good stair design can be the make or break of your conversion. We feel that it is important to utilise the dead space directly above the existing staircase to create an entrance that flows and doesn’t feel like a conversion. We are often able to match the style and design of your existing stairs.

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Bathrooms / en-suite

JBS Lofts are able to supply a wide range of high quality bathroom suites at a heavily discounted trade rate. Alternatively, we are happy to install one supplied by you.

Many conversions have the ability to accommodate an en-suite. A common misconception is that the en-suite needs to be placed directly above the first floor bathroom to avoid the use of a waste macerator, this is not always the case as we can often achieve the regulation fall on your new waste pipe within the floor void. We are happy to discuss your options at your quote visit.

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The possibilities are almost endless here as all of our casement windows are made to measure and bespoke to your conversion. We are velux accredited installers and are able to advise the best option for your specific conversion.

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Bespoke Cupboards

Our experienced carpenters and joiners are able to create built in wardrobes or cupboards specific to your needs. Helping to make the best use of your new loft space.

The final touches

JBS Lofts are happy to arrange a decorating and floor covering service should this be a requirement.

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